Anet’s latest addition, the A2 DIY metal 3D printer features a well-established design.

The printer was designed with the user in mind.

As always, this printer can be controlled using Repetier-Host or independently using a GCODE file and a micro-USB card.

Frame Material: Aluminum.

Heating Plate Material: Aluminum.

Its metal frame offers increased durability and rigidity, leading to improved prints with higher precision.

Though a bit pricier than the A8, the A2’s aluminum frame and V-slot design makes it very appealing to the 3D enthusiast.

The A2 boasts a large print area and very capable NEMA17 motors to navigate the print-space.

Max Print Speed: 100mm/s.

Specifications list

Specification Value
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Date Min price Max price Mean price
17 Mar 2024 249 USD 269 USD 260.667 USD

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