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Specification Value
Minimum print speed 20 mm/s
Maximum print speed 100 mm/s
Recommended print speed 60 mm/s
Heated Bed Yes
Extruder Max Temperature 260 °C
Extruders count 1
Nozzles count 1
Minimum layer height 0.05 mm
Maximum layer height 0.3 mm
Build Volume 210x210x205 mm
Resume Printing after Power Loss No
Laser Power 1.5 W
Laser Work Area 220x140 mm
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Mega Pro Anycubic USD 198 USD 399 Buy
Anycubic Mega Pro 3D Printer Kit 3D Printers Online Store USD 179 USD 179 Buy
ANYCUBIC Mega Pro 3D Printer Printing 210*210*205mm Laser Engraving Touch Screen Printing TPU Filament Dual Gear Extruder 3D Laser Printer Antinsky3d USD 279 USD 597.74 Buy