E3 RRF V1.1

Adopts AO1284 power chip with the power input of DC 12/24V and maximum output current up to 4A, greatly reducing power ripple and radiation interference.

Reserves the interface of Auto-leveling, MICRO USB, 2 CNC fans, RGB lights, power outage recovery, shutdown after printing, filament runout detection.

chip with its main frequency up to 168MHz.

Integrated ESP8266 Wi-Fi module: ESP3D with Marlin & DWC with RepRapFirmware.

Safety design, better protection

Packs ARM Cortex-M (STM32F407VGT6).

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BIGTREETECH E3 RRF V1.1 Wifi 32Bit Control Board Integrated TMC2209 with RRF IDEX V1.0 TFT35 E3 V3.0 BIQU IDEX Kit 3D Printer Parts For Ender 3/5 Pro BIQU USD 52.59 USD 96.26 Buy