CR-10 Motherboard

It is Original Mainboard for CR-10 3D printer (300x300x400mm) and CR-10 mini.

Direct replacement Motherboard for CR-10 3D printer (300x300x400mm) and CR-10 mini.

1x Mainboard for Creality CR-10 3D Printer.

With special power chip, supports 12V power input.

Do not connect the mainboard or repalce any module inter-face operation(except SD and USB)when the power is on.

Please pay attention to the positive and negative of the power line and all the connecting ports before power on.

Please turn the power off in time in case of emergency.

Avoid to damage the motherboard.

Do not touch the motherboard with wet hands and keep it dry.

With USB interface, easy to operate, can work with E/Z/Y/X axis motors.

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