CR-Scan 01

A high-precision matching algorithm based on color and structural features achieves automatic composition of function of multi-posture scanning.

Intelligent large-scale alignment algorithm ensures automatic matching without marking points.

Scan fast and automatic matching, no mark scanning high precision, maximum 0.1mm energy saving and environmental protection.

One click fully automatic completion of the scan, support multiple poses automatically aligned, fully automatic to get amore complete model.

Creality CR-SCAN01 3D modeling scanner adopts intelligent large-scale alignment algorithm to ensure automatic matching without manual grid alignment, calibration, or the use of markers.

Easy to Use: Creality CR-SCAN01 3D modeling scanner, automatic matching, power on and scan, no need to calibrate and mark, easy to use.

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Creality CR-SCAN 01 3D Universe USD 449 USD 749 Buy
Creality CR-SCAN 01 Portable 3D Scanner Creality 3D EU USD 542.701 USD 769.832 Buy
Creality CR-SCAN 01 Portable 3D Scanner Creality3D Shop USD 529.99 USD 704.99 Buy
Comgrow Creality CR-Scan 01 3D Scanner Set Comgrow USD 739 USD 739 Buy
Creality CR-Scan 01 3D Scanner High Precision Automatic Matching Standard Combo 3D Printer Industrial Kit Support OBJ/STL Output Antinsky3d USD 700 USD 1,296.16 Buy
3D Scanner CR-Scan 01 Premium Combo RepRap Warehouse USD 989.99 USD 989.99 Buy
CR-Scan 01 3D Scanner Upgraded Combo Creality Store USD 491.4 USD 491.4 Buy
CR-Scan 01 3D Scanner Premium Combo Creality Store USD 504.7 USD 504.7 Buy