Sermoon D1

The simple appearance with arc edge and smooth lines leaves a deep impression. Aluminum alloy frame with a transparent double-door design is convenient to monitor the printing in all directions.
Double Z-axis screw rod, smoother motion, higher precision and stability. Equipped with self-developed silent mainboard, it operates with low noise.
All-metal extruder, direct drive with strong extruding and easy feed-in ensures stable printing. Excellent nozzle structure, high-power fan to heat dissipation effectively, smooth extruding and great durability.
Filament run out sensor and resume printing function, intelligent and reliable. Carborundum glass platform, fast and even heating, printing without warping, and hassle-free removal. 4.3 inch color touchscreen, 45° installation and easy operation.
280*260*310mm printing size to meet diverse printing requirements, support various 1.75mm printing filaments like PLA/TPU/ABS, etc. Widely used in toy, architecture, furniture, education, medical, daily necessities and other fields.

Specifications list

Specification Value
Enclosure Half
Air Filtration No
Heated Bed Yes
Extruder Max Temperature 250 °C
Heated Bed Max Temperature 100 °C
Extruders count 1
Nozzles count 1
Minimum layer height 0.1 mm
Maximum layer height 0.4 mm
Build Volume 280x260x310 mm
Resume Printing after Power Loss Yes
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