[COB Light Source] Powerful internal COB light source, high light utilization and light power.

High-density integrated LED, uniform light distribution, more better print results.

[Big Volume + High Detail Precision] 12.8” 6K LCD screen, with the higher resolution on the 6k LCD, the higher model quality than you normally get on resin printers.

[Automatic Resin Feeding] The well-designed automatic resin tank feeding inlet provides a resin backup whenever needed during the length of your print.

[Built-in Mini Air Purifier] Equipped with a mini air purifier, activated carbon can absorb and filter the irritant resin odor, a fresh and safe user experience.

[5-inch Capacitive Touch Screen] The 5.0” capacitive screen easy to view and touch.

[Warranty Commitment] One-year warranty on the whole printer (6K LCD, FEP film, and tool kit excluded).

[Chitubox Pro Slicer] Free One-year CHITUBOX Pro license(Reg.

It supports mainstream CAD File Formats, compatible with CHITUBOX Basic and other third-party slicers.

[Ball Screw] The Z-axis adopts a high-quality ball screw for smooth and durable operation, and the whole printing process is quiet and silent compared to other printers.

Specifications list

Specification Value
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Date Min price Max price Mean price
17 Feb 2024 750 USD 900 USD 868.333 USD

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