Mars 2 Pro

【Fast Printing and fewer maintenance】Mars 2 Pro comes with a 6.

【Sturdy build quality】CNC machined aluminum body makes Mars 2 Pro a very formidable machine.

【Multi language interface】Mars 2 Pro now supports 12 kinds of languages so customers across the world could operate the 3D printer more conveniently without barriers.

Mars 2 Pro comes with 2 extra FEP films for you to replace the original one if needed.

ELEGOO Mars 2 Pro MSLA 3D Printer comes with a 6.

The new operating system now supports 13 different languages: Chinese, English, Japanese, Dutch, Korean, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, and Portuguese, which significantly facilitates worldwide users to use Mars 2 Pro more conveniently.

Like Mars Pro, Mars 2 Pro keeps this function as well, so you can enjoy the same refreshing printing experience.

Unlike other plastic printers you may find on the market, Mars 2 Pro is made of CNC machined aluminum from build platform to resin vat.

We highly recommend using ELEGOO resin when you print models on the Mars 2 Pro 3D Printer.

Specifications list

Specification Value
Minimum Print Speed 30 mm/h
Maximum Print Speed 50 mm/h
Touch Screen Size 3.5"
Minimum layer height 0.01 mm
Maximum layer height 0.2 mm
Build Volume 129x80x160 mm
Resume Printing after Power Loss No
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Date Min price Max price Mean price
21 May 2024 33.99 USD 145 USD 85.994 USD

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Mars 2 Pro Elegoo USD 136 USD 250 Buy
【Pre-owned】Mars 2 Pro Elegoo USD 42 USD 42 Buy