【Intelligent Time Control】The LED time display enables you to control the curing time conveniently.

【Reflective Sheet】There is a reflective sheet inside the cabinet which have the lights focused to get a better curing effect.

【Two 405nm LED Strip】ELEGOO curing box adopts two 405nm LED strip (14 UV LED light in total) in order to fast cure and evenly illuminate printed models.

【See-through Window】The see-through window not only assists you to observe the curing process but also helps keep the UV light away from leakage.

ELEGOO Mercury UV Curing Machine outputs steady, focused and consistent UV lights to cure the models printed with photopolymer resins 360°.

To avoid overheating of the curing cabinet, please do not use it for more than 40 minutes at a time.

After the model is printed, please clean and blow-dry the model before putting it into the curing machine.

If the model becomes yellow after curing, please adjust the curing time.

Over curing will lead to a yellowing model.

Product Name: ELEGOO MERCURY Curing Machine.

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17 Feb 2024 48 USD 50 USD 49.5 USD

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