Neptune X

At the same time, the machine transmission mechanism is equipped with an eccentric isolation column, which can make up for the reduction of printing accuracy caused by long-term printing and wear of the V wheel;.

Brand-name power supply: to ensure printing safety and low failure.

Intelligent fan control: After the machine has finished cooling down after printing, all fans will be turned off.

Silent printing: The machine adopts silent driving, printing without noise.

Belt adjustment device: The X-axis adopts a belt adjustment device, which can easily adjust the belt tightness and ensure the printing quality.

Resume printing at breakpoints: due to misoperation, nozzle misalignment, etc.

Self-adhesive printing platform; the model can be easily taken without a shovel.

High-end chip: STM32 high-end chip, more stable printing, more expansion possibilities.

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21 May 2024 82.99 USD 257.99 USD 159.24 USD

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