QQ-S Pro

QQ-S Pro is an upgraded version of QQ-S. QQ-S Pro uses a 32-bit motherboard and automatic leveling mode.

QQ-S Pro movement system using high-precision linear optical axis with self-lubricating graphite bearing, which can obtain good printing accuracy and quiet effect during high-speed movement.

Support offline, USB and WiFi printing modes. The powerful Titan extruder is compatible with many common filaments on the market, and is especially suitable for hard filament such as PLA. The default printing speed of QQ-S Pro is 60mm/s, even running at 100mm/s, better printing quality can be obtained

Specifications list

Specification Value
Build Volume 255x360 mm
Maximum print speed 100 mm/s
Recommended print speed 60 mm/s
Heated Bed Yes
Extruder Max Temperature 270 °C
Heated Bed Max Temperature 100 °C
Extruders count 1
Nozzles count 1
Auto Bed Leveling Included
Resume Printing after Power Loss No
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Flsun QQ-S pro FLSun USD 249 USD 339 Buy
FLSun QQ-S Pro - Delta Kossel 3D Printer 3D Printer Haus USD 309 USD 309 Buy
FLSUN 3D Printer QQ-S-PRO Φ255X360mm Auto Leveling Sensor Pre-Assembly Titan Extruder TFT 32 Bits Boards Drukarka US EU RU UK CA STOCK SHIP Antinsky3d USD 268 USD 329 Buy