The Flashforge Inventor 2017 can print large 230 x 150 x 160mm models.

The Flashforge Inventor for 2017 now includes a camera so you can monitor your 3d prints from mobile devices.

The Flashforge Inventor includes temperature sensors that monitor the internal temperatures of the build chamber.

You may also use open source and third party 3D Printing slicing software with the FlashForge Inventor such as Simplify3D.

The Flashforge Inventor is a high performance, easy to use 3d printer and offers excellent value.

The Flashforge Inventor is fully enclosed and includes a tempurature sensor combined with dual extraction fans.

The Flashforge Inventor includes an improved 6.3mm aluminum heat bed.

Two Heads are better then one- The Flashforge Inventor can print two colour parts and soluble support structures.

The compact design of the Flashforge Inventor has the filament spools located inside the machine.

Specifications list

Specification Value
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02 May 2024 1,349 USD 1,349 USD 1,349 USD

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