Longer 3D
LK5 Pro

  • 90% Pre-assembled with Stable Triangular Structure】LONGER LK5 Pro is a large affordable 3d printer with 90% Pre-assembled, printing size of 300*300*400mm; With dual inlinced rods to hold z axis as a steady triangular structure for better quality of 3d printing. And it's 90% preassembly in factory before delivery, which will be easier to assemble.
  • Quiet Printing and Open source】The LK5 PRO is integrated with 3kits of TMC2208 chipsets for X / Y / Z axis for quiet printing, of which will be reduced less nosie from motor.  
  • 4.3inch Full Color Touch Screen】 This fdm 3d printer is built with 4.3inch full-color touch screen and integrated with better friendly user interface for better interaction with printer. 
  • Upgraded Glass Bed Equipped】This fdm 3d printer is equipped with an upgrade ceramic coating glass for easly peel off from the bed. 
  • High-temperature Resistant Teflon Tube】The LK5 Pro is equipped with a high temperature resistance teflon tube to stand up to 280℃, and it's not easy to clogging inside the nozzle and will provide constant quality of printing. 
  • Local Delivery】The LK5 Pro is available in our EURO and US warehouse now. This price cover tax in Euro already, it mean customers buy in Euro don't pay tax again. PS: UK need pay tax to custom while make order.

Specifications list

Specification Value
Maximum print speed 120 mm/s
Recommended print speed 60 mm/s
Heated Bed Yes
Extruder Max Temperature 250 °C
Extruders count 1
Nozzles count 1
Minimum layer height 0.1 mm
Maximum layer height 0.3 mm
Build Volume 300x300x400 mm
Resume Printing after Power Loss Yes
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Parts list

Nozzle Kit for LK1/LK4/LK4 PRO/LK5 PRO
1 x
Nozzle Kit for LK1/LK4/LK4 PRO/LK5 PRO
Longer 3D
Mainboard of LONER LK4 PRO/LK5 PRO
1 x
Mainboard of LONER LK4 PRO/LK5 PRO
Longer 3D
Date Min price Max price Mean price
14 Feb 2024 299.99 USD 299.99 USD 299.99 USD
24 Feb 2024 299.99 USD 299.99 USD 299.99 USD
13 Mar 2024 299.99 USD 299.99 USD 299.99 USD

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