As the first LCD Photocuring resin 3d printer of Mingda, it’s an entry machine, but we have given it high quality.

Precise Printing Resin Printer: MINGDA K3 equipped with a 2560*1440 resolution UV photocuring LCD screen, with matrix UV LED light source, 0.01-0.05mm layer thickness, use the anti-aliasing technology(4-8times), which ensure you print smooth and delicate models with more details.

Enjoy the fine detail and speed of this resin based printer.

And don’t worry about the typical resin printer smells as this model has a filter fan system.

2K(2560*1440)resolution Display: The 5.5inch 2K screen for photocuring is high quality and durable, life time up to 3000 hours.

2K LCD Display with ChiTu Box, Air Filtration System, 3.5 inch Touch Screen Print Size 120x67x160mm.

High Quality LCD Printer: The main body is designed in full metal and adopts CNC cutting technology, and the strengthened structure greatly reduces resonance.

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