Mosaic Manufacturing
Element HT

Element HT gives you the flexibility to print with multiple materials while also allowing you to print strong, functional prints with industrial-grade materials such as:.

Choose your material in Canvas, let your Element HT handle the rest.

Element HT will autoload your filament to let you focus on more important things.

Element HT’s heated build chamber gives you the ability to print with the strongest materials on the market to ensure your parts can handle any application.

Designed for serviceability, Element HT’s print head is able to reach 500°C to print the widest range of materials on the market.

Access Element HT’s 14” x 14” x 14” build volume to create larger parts, or multiple small parts in a single print.

Specifications list

Specification Value
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Date Min price Max price Mean price
08 Sep 2023 2,500 USD 9,999 USD 8,927.714 USD
Title Shop Min price Max price  
Mosaic - Element HT 3D Printer (High-Temperature) Project 3D Printers USD 9,999 USD 9,999 Buy
Mosaic Manufacturing Element HT 3D Printer Union 3D Printing USD 12,999 USD 12,999 Buy
Mosaic Manufacturing Element HT 3D printer Voxel Factory USD 13,799 USD 13,799 Buy
Element HT 25% Deposit Mosaic Manufacturing USD 2,500 USD 2,500 Buy
Element HT Mosaic Manufacturing USD 9,999 USD 9,999 Buy