Mosaic Manufacturing
Palette 3

Communicate your ideas with realistic, multi-color prints using Palette 3.

Experience Palette’s 3rd generation splice core for fast, reliable splicing.

Palette 3 strategically splices your filament at various points, and feeds this filament into your 3D printer.

Let Palette 3 take care of your long prints without any interruption.

If a spool runs out, Palette will automatically splice to another spool and keep your print going.

To create a more seamless experience, Palette 3 comes with built-in WiFi connectivity to connect your Palette and printer and to your computer.

While Palette 3 will work with most 1.75mm 3rd party filaments, Mosaic’s tight tolerance PLA ensures the most reliable printing experience for your Palette 3 and printer.

With a simple plug-and-play setup, Palette 3 enables your printer to print multiple colours in one print, combine flexible and rigid materials together, and achieve high quality complex prints with soluble supports.

Communicate your ideas and bring your prints to life with Palette 3’s  4 colour printing capabilities.

Experience Palette’s 3rd generation splice core for fast and reliable splicing.

Specifications list

Specification Value
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Date Min price Max price Mean price
27 Feb 2024 599 USD 599 USD 599 USD
21 Apr 2024 599 USD 599 USD 599 USD
12 May 2024 799 USD 799 USD 799 USD
Title Shop Min price Max price  
Mosaic Palette 3 with Integrated Canvas Hub (4 Color Multi-Material System) Project 3D Printers USD 599 USD 599 Buy
Mosaic Manufacturing Palette 3 PRE ORDER Union 3D Printing USD 939 USD 939 Buy
Palette 3 (Resale) Mosaic Manufacturing USD 499 USD 599 Buy