PolyLite ASA

PolyLite ASA by Polymaker is a high-quality ASA filament that can be used as an alternative to ABS for improved weather resistance.

Filament diameter : 1.75mm.

Polymaker PolyLite ASA Filament 1.75mm 1kg.

It is one of the most famous 3D printer filament manufacturers in the world.

Their 3D printer filament is a medium and high-end product in the industry.

【Weather Resistant】 - PolyLite ASA UV filament has all the properties of 3D filament ABS with the additional features of being weather resistant.

【Matte finish】 - PolyLite ASA Black is a 3D filament ASA with a very special matte finish which makes the final print look very smooth and high quality.

(Matter surface than regular 3D ABS Black Filament ) - Note: turn off the fan for better mechanical properties, turn it on at 30% for higher print quality.

Selected color: Black ASA filament 1.75mm ( similar to Black ABS filament 1.75mm ).

Specifications list

Specification Value
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Date Min price Max price Mean price
28 Oct 2023 28.794 USD 28.794 USD 28.794 USD
Title Shop Min price Max price  
Polymaker PolyLite ASA 1.75mm 1kg Voxel Factory USD 39.99 USD 39.99 Buy
Polylite ASA 3D Factory MX USD 77.72 USD 94.386 Buy
Polymaker PolyLite ASA Filament 1.75mm 1kg Spool UV Resistant 3D Printer Filament Antinsky3d USD 16.9 USD 19.9 Buy