PolyLite PLA

PolyLite™ PLA is a high-quality PLA designed for reliability and ease of printing.

PolyLite™ PLA features Jam-Free™ technology: Jam-Free™ technology improves the heat stability of Polymaker’s PLA filaments with softening temperatures over 140 °C.

As a result, Polymaker’s PLA filaments show minimal softening in the “cold end” and can melt rapidly once entering the heating zone, leading to excellent printing quality with zero risk of nozzle jams.

PolyLite PLA is Polymaker’s high-quality PLA at a budget friendly price.

It’s easy to print, produces beautiful models, and is compatible with just about any 3D printer that can print 1.75mm PLA filament.

Polymaker has a well-earned reputation for producing the best 3D printing materials to strict tolerances, with rigorous quality control throughout the manufacturing process, and PolyLite PLA absolutely meets this Polymaker standard.

PolyLite PLA will work with most common 3D printing surfaces, like blue tape, glass, BuildTak, and Kapton tape.

This PolyLite PLA has a diameter of 1.75mm and comes on a 1kg spool in a vacuum sealed bag.

Specifications list

Specification Value
Diameter 1.75 mm
Heated Bed Required No
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Date Min price Max price Mean price
31 Mar 2024 15.9 USD 15.9 USD 15.9 USD
02 Apr 2024 20.69 USD 21.99 USD 21.86 USD
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Polymaker PolyLite PLA Filament (2.85mm, 1kg Reel/3kg Reel) Project 3D Printers USD 22.99 USD 65.99 Buy
PolyLite PLA by Polymaker (1.75mm/1KG Reel) Project 3D Printers USD 22.99 USD 65.99 Buy
PolyLite PLA 1.75mm White Union 3D Printing USD 34.95 USD 34.95 Buy
Polymaker PolyLite PLA 1.75mm 1kg Voxel Factory USD 29.99 USD 29.99 Buy
Filamento PLA Polylite Polymaker 3D Factory MX USD 30.793 USD 77.058 Buy
Polymaker PolyLite PLA 3D Printer Filament - 1.75mm Diameter - 1kg Spool Profound3D USD 19.79 USD 22.99 Buy
Polymaker PolyLite PLA 3D Printer Filament 1.75mm 1kg Spool High Rigidity PLA Filament Antinsky3d USD 15.9 USD 22.9 Buy