The overall metal frame and the printing platform are different from the DIY assembly structure.

The platform is more stable.

Magnetic printing platform is equipped with 9 pieces of special high temperature magnets and a special metal panel.

After printing, you can easily move the platform panel and take off the model by bending the panel.

The printing effect of the iMate 3d printer is more stable, and the service life is longer.

Printing Size 260x200x200mm.

Printing Filament Types:PLA,TPU,PETG.

Printing Speed :30-150mm/s.

Specifications list

Specification Value
Minimum print speed 30 mm/s
Maximum print speed 150 mm/s
Heated Bed Yes
Extruder Max Temperature 250 °C
Extruders count 1
Nozzles count 1
Minimum layer height 0.05 mm
Build Volume 260x200x200 mm
Resume Printing after Power Loss No
Enclosure Full
Air Filtration No
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