Filament Dryer Box

Sovol Filament Dryer is designed for drying filament, it is able to remove the moisture from the filament and restore the good printer quality of filament.

Therefore, the filament dryer, is very essential for every 3d printer owners.

The humidity will show the humidity of the filament dryer box real-time, it is very convenient for users to take a reference about the humidity of the filament.

We suggest you put 4 bags of desciccants  (not included in the package) inside the dryer box to improve drying efficience & quality.

There are two outlets made with teflon material, which makes the filament be loaded more smooth from the filament dryer to the extruder.

And when you use the filament dryer for storing filament, you can close these two outlets, when you use it for drying, you can open it for letting the moisture flow out to the air.

You can use the filament dryer as a filament holder and print without any worries.

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Sovol SH01 Filament Dryer Box with 2 Spools of PLA Filament Red/Blue/Black/White(2 KG) Sovol 3D Official USD 92.98 USD 112.99 Buy
Sovol Filament Dryer Box Supports 2 Spools of Filament Drying &Printing Sovol 3D Official USD 59.99 USD 74.99 Buy